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day 21 - a favourite number from the golden age of musicals

"My Girl Back Home" from South Pacific (sung by Kelli O’Hara and Matthew Morrison)

Excited doesn’t quite define how I feel about seeing them together two nights in a row at Carnegie Hall.

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

In awe of this speech. She is amazing. 

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# glee

Best scene of the whole series.

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# glee


The Sound of Glee

♫  One Less Bell to Answer/ A House Is Not a Home

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Wordpress theme

Looking for someone who designs/sells Wordpress themes. I just transferred matthew-morrison.net on Wordpress and I need a brand new theme, but I also have zero time to start working on it myself, as work is crazy. 

Pleeeease someone help me make the site pretty again. Thanks!

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Fanfusion SUCKS.

Seriously. My site has been down for 12 DAYS and it’s their fault and they won’t even answer my e-mails! I’m changing my host. That’s it. Fuck them!!

12 Aug 20:41
1 month ago
# ugh

My website has been down since Friday, for some stuff going on with the remote server. My host isn’t very quick in their answers and I’m going slightly crazy. It’s all backed up but I’m basically paying for a service I’m not getting and it drives me nuts. Daaaaaamn.

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Matthew Morrison and Karen Olivo backstage at In The Heights, 2008.

Courtesy of the always awesome Lin-Manuel Miranda.